Sherlock uses Segment data to give product teams visibility
into users who are most engaged with their app.

What is Segment?

Create Custom
Engagement Score

Your product is unique. With Sherlock, you can create custom engagement scores by rating each one of your important product actions. Sherlock then scores and ranks your users in realtime!

See who's engaged with your product

Uncover the magic of Sherlock. See a ranked list of your users - based on their engagement with your product. Finally answer that question with certainty - who are my most engaged users?

Get a detailed profile for each of your users.

Dig deep and get essential details for each one of your users. Understand how they are using your product, how often and when. Essential insights for any product makers.

Nothing matters more than
user engagement.

Understanding who is actually engaging with your product is an essential part of building any software business. With Sherlock, you can uncover these essential insights in less 10 minutes.

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